Thanks to its unique geology and climate, the Lizard Peninsula hosts some of the UK’s most important rare flower sites and botanists have flocked here for centuries to study them. It is therefore important for us to keep records of the rarities on our important sites.

This is an excellent opportunity for children to become involved in some plant surveys and contributing to Plantlife’s annual Wildflower Count. This gives the opportunity to learn some plant identification and important surveying techniques as well as being able to contribute to a wider record of plant data.

OPAL (Open Air Laboratories)

OPAL produce annual survey packs available to schools and are aimed to fit in with the curriculum. These are ongoing surveys and range from air quality and biodiversity surveys to bug and pond dipping surveys. They are aimed at all ages and therefore easy to follow and can be carried out almost anywhere.

Easy to use packs with a range of learning activities.

The collected data is then put onto a national database, giving scientists a bigger picture on a scale that would otherwise not be feasible.