Birds and other animals

Barn Owl 📷 © Richard Birchett

The Lizard is a special place for birdwatchers. There are many resident species to see – from the iconic red-legged, red-billed Chough to soaring Skylarks. The Lizard’s southerly location on the mainland also means that passage migrants pass overhead in autumn and spring, many stopping off before the embarking on the next stage of their journey. Other species arrive here to overwinter. 

There is also an abundance of insects and other invertebrates. The Lizard is a stronghold for the endangered Marsh Fritillary, and in spring and summer the meadows and streams brim with butterflies, moths, bees, hoverflies, and dragonflies.

Adders and lizards live in the heaths, while frogs, toads and newts make use of the freshwater ponds to lay their eggs; frogspawn here is often the earliest in Britain, due to the mild climate. The Lizard also boasts a variety of mammals, from Roe Deer and Otters to the smallest vole. Cast your eyes to the coast, and you will see Bottlenose Dolphins, Basking Sharks and Atlantic Seals, as well as a rich rockpool life.

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