Category: Reptiles & Amphibians

  • Palmate Newt

    Palmate Newt

    For those of you with garden ponds, keep an eye out for Palmate Newts enjoying the water in spring. Photo: Debbie Sea-Kay

  • Common Lizard

    Common Lizard

    Common Lizards vary quite a bit in colour, from green to brown.  Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Toad


    Autumn is when Common Toads begin their migration back to their breeding pool, making this a time of year when this mainly nocturnal species can be more easily spotted. Photo: […]

  • Slow Worm

    Slow Worm

    Slow Worms are perhaps our most secretive lizards. Photo: Ray Surridge

  • Common Frog

    Common Frog

    Frogspawn is usually seen very early in the Spring on the Lizard, often as early as January, in pools and even in waterlogged ruts on tracks.  Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Adder


    Adders can be spotted as the weather begins to get warmer and they emerge from hibernation. Photo: Dougy Wright