Category: Invertebrates

  • Hairy Beech Gall

    Hairy Beech Gall

    In late summer into autumn, you may see small cylindrical growths on Beech leaves. These are made by the gall midge Hartigiola annulipes. Look out for them when exploring the […]

  • Silk Button Gall

    Silk Button Gall

    Silk Button Galls, one of the many kinds of galls found on our native oaks, really do look as if they have been spun from silken thread. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Sexton beetle

    Sexton beetle

    As spring arrives, we can look forward not only to budding flowers, but also to insects, like this Sexton beetle, greeting another year. Photo: Debbie Sea-Kay

  • Broad-bodied Chaser

    Broad-bodied Chaser

    Windmill Farm is a haven for dragon- and damselflies, including species such as this Broad-bodied Chaser. Photo: Dougy Wright

  • Green Tiger Beetle

    Green Tiger Beetle

    This might be our commonest tiger beetle, but its metallic green hue and long-legged bursts of speed make it a delight to see in the spring and summer. Photo: Sarah […]

  • Migrant Hawker

    Migrant Hawker

    This dragonfly species is on the wing well into the autumn, and can often be seen away from the ponds where it breeds. Photo: Ray Surridge

  • Golden-haired Longhorn Beetle

    Golden-haired Longhorn Beetle

    This lovely and somewhat rare longhorn beetle species was spotted at Erisey Barton in July.   Photo: Sarah Board

  • Wasp Spider

    Wasp Spider

    Scientific name: Argiope bruennichi What to look for: · Family: Araneidae. · Colouring and appearance: Female: yellow and black horizontal to zigzag stripes on abdomen. Males: pale brown. · Size: […]

  • Keeled Skimmer

    Keeled Skimmer

    Keeled Skimmers can be spotted near the pools at Higher Bochym in summer. Photo: Kate Dalziel

  • Ruby-tailed Wasp

    Ruby-tailed Wasp

    What a jewel of an insect! This Ruby-tailed Wasp was spotted at Poltesco. Photo: Andy Pay

  • Common Crab Spider

    Common Crab Spider

    This little crab spider was spotted scuttling across the beach at Church Cove, near Gunwalloe, but they can be found in many habitats, especially open, undisturbed ground. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Jumping Spider

    Jumping Spider

    This attractive little species of Jumping Spider was spotted at Kennack Sands. Photo: Tony Blunden

  • Flavous Nomad Bee

    Flavous Nomad Bee

    This lovely little nomad bee was spotted at Poltesco. Called the Flavous Nomad Bee, it was gorging itself on Three-cornered Garlic. Photo: Andy Pay   

  • Leptothrix


    No, it’s not a miniature oil slick. That oily film on the surface of puddles on The Lizard is an iron-oxidizing bacterium. Photo: Amanda Scott    

  • Yellow-legged Mining Bee

    Yellow-legged Mining Bee

    The first flight period of the Yellow-legged Mining Bee is in the spring, when you can spot them nectaring on flowers. You can also look out for their nests in […]

  • Hornet


    Hornets are not anything like as fearsome as they look. Photo: Ray Surridge