The Lizard’s Wildlife Web

Bird hideThe Word Wide Web is increasingly becoming a wonderful medium to help wildlife spotting and for sharing information. Obviously there is nothing quite like getting out there and immersing yourself in the wonderful environment we have on our doorstep, but now there are many ways of discovering more and sharing experiences with like-minded folk. Here is a selection of sites that I have visited recently and enjoyed – some are more active than others – but there are some great pearls of knowledge and some stunning photos. Most listed here are Cornwall focussed – it would be great to hear of any others that people might recommend a look. Happy surfing.
General - An astounding site put together by David Fenwick cataloguing flora and fauna, fungi and marine life in Cornwall and Devon

Birds – plenty of enthusiastic bloggers out there and really handy to keep tabs on what you may have seenStonechat

Plants's bit scabious

Wildlife Recording - a great site to get involved with recording the turning of the seasons - biological recording in Cornwall

Lizard history and culture

Invertebrates – run by Lizard resident Mark Tunmore

And a few local bloggers

Matt Birchett
Tony Blunden
Amanda Scott


Published: Jan 2014
Author: Steve Townsend (NE)
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