Snakelocks Anemone

Snakelocks AnemoneSnakelocks Anemones are mainly found in rockpools at the low tide mark on the shore.
Photo: ©Natural England/Ross Bullimore

Scientific name: Anemonia viridis

What to look for:

Colouring and appearance: Varies from grey to green to brown-red, with purple-tipped tentacles.
Size: Column up to 5 cm wide. Up to 200 tentacles.
Where: Can be found in most rocky shore zones, but mainly at the low tide mark

Snake locks AnemoneLarger Snakelocks Anemones are capable of capturing fairly big fish. They can often be spotted along cracks in the rocks of rockpools, forming waving rows of tentacles. Their tissues contain microscopic algae and this is why they often have a greenish colour and seek out sunny rockpools.

Did you know…?

…The Snakelocks Anemone’s tentacles are non-retractable.

More information and references:

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Published: April 2016
Author: Amanda Scott
Photos: ©Natural England/Ross Bullimore