The Lizard Publications Reference Library

The Lizard is one of the most written about National Nature Reserves in the country. Its unique geology and flora have brought botanists, entomologists, ornithologists, and many other researchers and nature lovers, to walk its tracks and explore its heaths and coastlands. This website covers much information that has been borne of this interest in our beautiful Lizard peninsula, but there is a wealth of literature and survey reports, both published and unpublished data, that either pre-date the digital age, or are too long and detailed to produce in full.

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We have therefore gathered together a physical library of as many of these documents as we could source, and housed them in the Natural England Offices at Higher Bochym. The library covers topics ranging from species-specific surveys, to geology and archaeology, conservation management and the impacts of tourism.

Anyone interested in delving into the library – researchers, students, or anyone with an interest in a particular topic – is welcome to get in touch. Although we cannot lend out items, you can arrange a date and time to call in by ringing 01326 240808, or emailing You can use the search box below to explore the library contents on the website before doing so. Please do use this new resource – the books and reports are waiting to be pulled off the shelves and read by you.