Wilding Guidlines

Things we can ALL do
# Mow less often – allow Buttercups, Daisies, Dandelions and Clovers to flower, even if only a patch.
# Avoid using pesticides and artificial fertilisers
# Leave a corner/ area wild for nature – try to do nothing to it.
# Build a log pile or spindly prunings pile for wildlife and bugs to inhabit.
# Plant a fruit tree( even a pot tree is ok) – free food for you and for wildlife.
# Allow some Nettles, Ivy or Holy to grow – great for butterflies and moths.
# Make a small pond.Even an upturned bin lid sunk into the ground is good enough – drinking water for birds/insects and home for many bugs.
# Try to garden manually where possible rather than use machinery- much more precise and zero carbon emissions.
# Research and use insect/bug friendly plants where possible.
# Make your own compost or at least buy peat free and locally made where possible.
# Make a hole/passage in fencing as a hedgehog/wild life corridor.
# Put a seat somewhere in your garden to enjoy the results of your labour and get further inspired.
# Talk about what you are doing with your friends/neighbours and family – spread the message!!