Lizard Point: birds to see in every season

An exploration of some of the more uncommon birds you can see at different points of the year at Lizard Point and in the surrounding area: with Tony Blunden.


The southern-most extremity of Cornwall is well known for the natural beauty of Kynance Cove, the rugged cliffs of Old Lizard Head and the opportunity to see our own Palores (the Chough) … it is also where bird expert Tony Blunden is lucky enough to explore as part of his local patch.

One of the best features of birding around Lizard village is the excellent network of footpaths and bridleways which tend to centre on the village and lead out in every direction; they provide a great opportunity to explore a broad range of habitats within a short distance of the village. 

Lizard Point by Tony Blunden

The expert: Tony Blunden. Local Naturalist Tony Blunden lives on The Lizard. He is an Ecological Consultant and volunteer for a range of organisations, including the National Trust Lizard Watchpoint, British Trust for Ornithology and Natural England, and is the Conservation Officer for the Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society (CBWPS).

Firecrest, Cornwall, Tony Blunden

The text of the downloadable PDF pages are adapted from an article Tony originally wrote for Palores, the newsletter of the CBWPS. Rather than taking us on a single walk, Tony describes some of the best places to visit around Lizard Point and what birds you might expect to see in different habitats. All of these are within a two to three mile radius of Lizard village itself, and you’ll be able to find everything with a reasonable map. 

Downloadable PDFs: