Livestock care

The National Trust and Natural England keep ponies, and work with local farmers to help maintain the conservation grazing programmes that are vitally important for various rare species across The Lizard. These species include Three-lobed Crowfoot, Land Quillwort, Yellow Centaury, Pygmy Rush, many rare clovers and the much-loved Cornish Choughs (to name but a few).

Naturally, we have chosen pony breeds that can cope with being out on the cliffs all year long and have the temperament to suit their free-roaming lifestyle. Our ponies and our tenants’ cattle are very tolerant of all weather conditions and are well used to lots of visitors and their dogs (providing, of course, their dogs are kept under control). However, even though the ponies are hardy and tolerant creatures, it is important that they are checked on a regular basis.

Our ponies are checked daily by a team of local staff and volunteers, who ensure that the ponies are fit and well and have enough food and water. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer pony checker, please contact or 01326 291174.

(Please note: our tenant farmers are responsible for checking their own livestock.)

Reporting livestock problems

We endeavour to check our ponies regularly; however, should you notice that an animal has become injured or appears unwell, please let us know. Similarly, if you experience any other problems with livestock on land in our care please get in touch. We always appreciate hearing from those extra eyes and ears on the ground. Many thanks in advance.

Natural England often have ponies out at Caerthillian Cove, Mullion and Goonhilly Downs. To report a problem with a Natural England pony, contact: or on 01326 240808.

The National Trust often have ponies out at Poltesco, Chynalls Point and Beagles Cliff. To report a problem with a National Trust pony, contact: or on 01326 291174.