Category: Butterflies & Moths

  • Chamomile Shark

    Chamomile Shark

    We all love the flowers and scent of Chamomile, but so does the caterpillar of the Chamomile Shark moth. Photo: Ray Surridge

  • Ringlet


    Ringlets may not be as showy as some other butterflies, but they have their own gentle charm. Photo: © Allan Drewitt/Natural England

  • Large Skipper

    Large Skipper

    Watch out for Large Skippers from May to September in meadows, and in woodland rides and glades. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Lackey moth

    Lackey moth

    June is the main time of year to watch out for webs of Lackey moth caterpillars: hawthorn and blackthorn shrubs are good places to look. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Galium Carpet

    Galium Carpet

    Watch out round the coast for the prettily-patterned Galium Carpet moth throughout the summer. Although nocturnal, it can be spotted when disturbed from its daytime resting places. Photo: Leon Truscott

  • Marsh Fritillary

    Marsh Fritillary

    This small and delicate butterfly is a protected species due to its serious decline in numbers, but The Lizard is one of their strongholds. Find them on Mullion Cliffs or […]

  • The Drinker

    The Drinker

    Caterpillars of the Drinker moth can be seen emerging in the spring, getting ready to pupate in June. Look for the tuft of hair at each end. Photo: Charles J […]

  • Red Admiral

    Red Admiral

    The migratory Red Admiral butterfly can be spotted from spring until winter in the milder climate of the south-west. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Small Copper

    Small Copper

    The fast-flying Small Copper is on the wing into autumn; watch out on warmer days for its coppery colours. Photo: Ray Surridge

  • Speckled Wood

    Speckled Wood

    Speckled Woods can be spotted in the shadier habitats of The Lizard. Flying from May to October, this is one of the butterflies that brightens the days into early autumn. […]

  • Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

    Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

    On the Lizard, this pretty butterfly is mainly a coastal species. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Poplar Hawk-moth

    Poplar Hawk-moth

    Poplar Hawk-moth caterpillars will happily munch their way through willow (Salix sp.). Photo: Ray Surridge

  • Six-spot Burnet Moth

    Six-spot Burnet Moth

    This day-flying moth is a common sight in mid- to late summer, with its flashes of red colour amongst the knapweed and thistles. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Clouded Yellow

    Clouded Yellow

    Clouded Yellow butterflies are summer visitors, arriving from May to June. The coast is a good place to watch out for them. Photo: Amanda Scott 

  • Hummingbird Hawk-moth

    Hummingbird Hawk-moth

    Hummingbird Hawk-moths are migratory visitors to The Lizard in good summers. Photo: Ray Surridge

  • Orange-tip


    Orange-tips can be seen on the wing along the hedgerows and verges as the weather becomes warmer in mid- to late spring. Photo: Andreas Eichler