Category: Invertebrates

  • Swollen-thighed Beetle

    Swollen-thighed Beetle

    Look out for the sparkling copper-green of the Swollen-thighed Beetle on flowerheads on hot sunny summer days.  Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Chrysotoxum elegans (hoverfly)

    Chrysotoxum elegans (hoverfly)

    The striking and nationally scarce hoverfly Chrysotoxum elegans is often found near the coasts of south-west England and southern Wales. Poltesco is a good place to look for it. Photo: […]

  • Western Bee-fly

    Western Bee-fly

    The Western Bee-fly is a fairly rare species in the UK – it has been spotted on The Lizard, both near Kennack and at Poltesco. Photo: Tony Blunden

  • Beautiful Demoiselle

    Beautiful Demoiselle

    Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies are on the wing from early summer until the early autumn. Photo: © Natural England/Chris Gomersall

  • Dasysyrphus albostriatus

    Dasysyrphus albostriatus

    Spring and summer usher in hoverflies – there are so many species that only a handful have common names. Photo: Andy Pay

  • Brassica Bug

    Brassica Bug

    Look out for gorgeous little Brassica Bugs on crucifer species, such as Scurvy-grass or Garlic Mustard. Photo: Sally Luker

  • Marmalade Fly

    Marmalade Fly

    The Marmalade Fly, our most common hoverfly, can be seen most of the year, as overwintering adults will emerge on sunny winter days. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Spangle galls

    Spangle galls

    Spangle Galls, which are created by a parasitic wasp, are one of the many kinds of galls found on oak trees. These were spotted at Croft Noweth on Goonhilly. Photo: […]

  • Common Darter

    Common Darter

    The Common Darter is one of our latest-flying dragonflies: it is on the wing into October, and even November in warmer autumns. Photo: © Natural England/Paul Lacey

  • Flower Crab Spider

    Flower Crab Spider

    Look on flowerheads in the summer to see if you can spot a female Crab Spider – the camouflage is very good, so you’ll need to search carefully. Photo: Amanda […]

  • Sulphur Beetle

    Sulphur Beetle

    The bright colour of Sulphur Beetles makes them hard to miss, despite being small. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Red-veined Darter

    Red-veined Darter

    Windmill Farm is a good place to see Red-veined Darters, a relatively scarce summer migrant to the UK.  Photo: Dougy Wright

  • Wasp-mimic hoverfly

    Wasp-mimic hoverfly

    The striking wasp-mimic hoverfly Chrysotoxum bicinctum is found in grassy places and more open areas in woodland. Photo: Andy Pay

  • Four-spotted Chaser

    Four-spotted Chaser

    A common sight in the summer, watch out for the darting, hovering flight of the Four-spotted Chaser dragonfly. Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Oak Marble Gall

    Oak Marble Gall

    Oak Marble Galls, common on oak trees, are created by a parasitic gall-wasp. Photo: AnemoneProjectors, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Chequered Hoverfly

    Chequered Hoverfly

    There are many species of hoverfly in the UK. While most are known only by their scientific name, this one is distinguished by having a common name of its own. […]