Visiting the Lizard

Congratulations – you have chosen to visit The Lizard, or at least you are thinking about it and want to know more. So please be assured that the Lizard is a great place to be, and this site aims to help you get the most out of your visit. We don’t aim to cover every topic, but if you can’t find out what you want to know here, hopefully we are able to point you in the right direction. And if not, then it’s probably a question other people want to ask, so please get in touch – I`m sure one of the team has the answer.

The Lizard Coast -Ilya Maclean
The Lizard coast -Ilya Maclean

What is so special about the Lizard?

Visitors have been coming to the Lizard for hundreds of years to marvel at its landscape and unique range of wildlife. The area does not owe its name to an over-abundance of reptiles (although adders and common lizards are not unusual), but to its Cornish name, `Lys-arth`. This can be interpreted as `high court`, or `fortress`, an acknowledgement of the areas towering cliffs and near separation from the rest of Cornwall.

The area is certainly a stronghold for a fabulous wealth of wildlife – a breathtaking mosaic of wide heathlands, vivid maritime grasslands and spectacular cliffs.

Discover the Lizard
Nothing beats getting out and discovering the natural wonders of the Lizard for yourself. Download a walk from the site so that you can go exploring, check out the Guidebooks we think you might like to try, or go and visit one of the Lizard’s many amazing beaches. We can’t guarantee the weather, but we can guarantee the Lizard’s climate is special. Find out more here about getting about (in all weathers!), here to find accommodation, or here to find out about events being organised by local communities.
We hope you enjoy your stay!