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  • ‘Affective qualities’- the ability of place to inspire strong feelings

    ‘Affective qualities’- the ability of place to inspire strong feelings

    As regular readers of this blog will know from my previous contributions, I am a runner. I run all over the place: coastpath, roads, field paths, in rain or shine. […]

  • Welcome


    Module 202Participating organisations (2)mod_custom The Lizard – a living landscape for people and a wonderful landscape for wildlife. Welcome to the Linking the Lizard Countryside Partnership website. This is your […]

  • A heathland haven

    A heathland haven

    The Lizard Peninsula is remarkable for its wealth of wildlife and the quality of its landscape. It is a designated Special Area of Conservation in recognition of its outstanding international […]

  • Getting about

    Getting about

    How can I get about? By foot and by bike are of course the best ways to enjoy the atmosphere and scenery. The map to have is the Ordnance Survey […]

  • Accommodation

    Where can I stay and what can I eat? You can find accommodation ranging from camping to fancy hotels, and food from pasties to glitzy meals, all with a local […]

  • Beaches


    Are there any great beaches? Of course – the beaches of The Lizard all have a character of their own – here is a good starting point for your explorations. […]

  • Lizard Climate

    Lizard Climate

    What’s the weather like? Being surrounded by the sea the Lizard has what the scientists call a `mild oceanic climate`. This means less sharp differences between the seasons, and no […]

  • Visiting the Lizard

    Visiting the Lizard

    Congratulations – you have chosen to visit The Lizard, or at least you are thinking about it and want to know more. So please be assured that the Lizard is […]