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The Lizard – a living landscape for people and a wonderful landscape for wildlife. Welcome to the Linking the Lizard Countryside Partnership website. This is your one-stop shop for information about the ‘outdoors’ on the Lizard. If you have come to find out what the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall offers you in terms of wildlife, natural history, walks, educational resources, events and more… then you have come to the right place. Get the latest news on our weekly blog below, or click read more to learn more about the Lizard and the Linking the Lizard Partnership. The Lizard Peninsula is the most southerly part of mainland Britain. It is an astonishing place, where a combination of the mild maritime climate and the complex and unique geology has produced an area with a distinctive character. Some of its habitats and species only occur here on the Lizard, and others are extremely rare nationally. The Linking the Lizard Partnership is a partnership between the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, National Trust and Natural England who are working with the National Farmers Union, The Cornwall National Landscape and the University of Exeter. Together these partnership organisations co-ordinate their work to ensure joined up thinking and a sensitive approach to enhance their conservation and land management work across the Lizard. They also collaborate on projects to: • create better links between local communities, their environments and their economies • raise the profile of the Lizard as a sustainable visitor destination • find new ways for people to experience the outdoors

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