Funding received for the National Trust’s Lizard Rarities Project

The Lizard is one of the most biodiverse areas in the country, renowned for unique assemblages of vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens – many of which are confined to the Lizard. However, despite the Lizard retaining large areas of semi-natural habitat, many of these species are in decline due to the impacts of climate change, changes in land management, and invasive species.

A view of the Lizard cliffs, with Lizard Point lighthouse in the distance
© National Trust Images

Owing to England’s significant species decline, Natural England’s Species Recovery Programme (SRP), has recently been enhanced through the new Capital Grants Scheme (SRP CGS). The Lizard’s National Trust team was delighted to announce on 14 September 2023 the launch of the Lizard Rarities Project, funded by SRP CGS to deliver at-scale targeted management actions for 15 of the Lizard’s rarest species. 

A Grayling butterfly (one of the project species) resting on Bell Heather © National Trust Images

This will include landscape-scale habitat creation and restoration work, with knock-on benefits for a whole suite of other plant and animal species. The project also creates a great opportunity to shine a light on some of our more unique, but often overlooked, species such as Heath Pouchwort, Land Quillwort, and Lizard Crystalwort.

Find out more about the national programme here.

The full list of the 15 target species is:


  • Caloplaca aractina
  • Lathagrium (Collema) latzelii 
  • Serpentine Solenopsora Solenopsora liparina


  • Heath Pouchwort Gongylanthus ericetorum
  • Lizard Crystalwort Riccia bifurca
  • Black Crystalwort Riccia nigrella

Vascular plants

  • Wild Asparagus Asparagus prostratus
  • Yellow Centaury Cicendia filiformis
  • Fringed Rupturewort Herniaria ciliolata subsp. ciliolate
  • Land Quillwort Isoetes histrix
  • Dwarf Rush Juncus capitatus
  • Pygmy Rush Juncus pygmaeus
  • Twin-headed Clover Trifolium bocconei
  • Upright Clover Trifolium strictum


  • Grayling Hipparchia semele
Wild Asparagus (one of the project species) on The Lizard’s cliffs © National Trust Images