Category: Birds

  • Ross’s Gull

    Ross’s Gull

    This pretty, small gull is native to the High Arctic of Canada and Siberia. This vagrant was spotted early in January 2016 flying by Lizard Point. Photo: Tony Blunden

  • Fieldfare


    Flocks of Fieldfares can be spotted out on The Lizard through the winter. Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Common Sandpiper

    Common Sandpiper

    Common Sandpipers are often spotted on the Helford, on their migration. Read on to find a video showing its characteristic, and very endearing, bobbing motion as it forages for food. […]

  • Short-eared Owl

    Short-eared Owl

    Short-eared Owls often hunt by day, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them, especially through the winter. Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Snow Bunting

    Snow Bunting

    A breath of Arctic air – Snow Buntings can be spotted on migration at Lizard Point. Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Dunlin


    Dunlins can be spotted in estuaries and salt marshes in the autumn and winter. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Sanderling


    The south-west is supposedly not such a good place to look for Sanderlings on migration, but a few turn up each year. Predannack is one good place to look. Photo: © […]

  • Whimbrel


    Whimbrels may be spotted at Lizard Point on migration in the spring and later summer into autumn. Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Sparrowhawk


    Although the Sparrowhawk breeds in woodland, it can be spotted hunting across many habitats. Photo: © Natural England/Andy Neale

  • Sand Martin

    Sand Martin

    In the spring and early summer, look out for breeding Sand Martins. They nest in burrows in sandy banks and cliffs. Photo: Myosotis Scorpioides at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL]

  • Bar-tailed Godwit

    Bar-tailed Godwit

    Look out for this long-beaked wader round the Lizard coastline in winter, or on passage in spring and autumn. Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Cuckoo


    Cuckoos migrate back to the UK in the spring. Photo: Aviceda (Wikimedia Commons)

  • Linnet


    Look out for the smart chestnut breasts of male Linnets in their summer plumage. Photo: © Allan Drewitt/Natural England

  • House Martin

    House Martin

    House Martins arrive back in the UK in the spring. Photo: Ken Billington

  • Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    Look out for Coal Tits in conifer and mixed woodlands. Photo: © Natural England/Allan Drewitt

  • Mediterranean Gull

    Mediterranean Gull

    Some Mediterranean Gulls overwinter round the Lizard coast, before returning to their summer breeding grounds. Photo: © Allan Drewitt/Natural England