Category: Flora

  • Fragrant Orchid

    Fragrant Orchid

    Fragrant Orchids are close to the end of flowering by July, but they (and their lovely scent) still linger on in some spots on The Lizard. Photo: © Natural England/Peter […]

  • Dryad’s Saddle

    Dryad’s Saddle

    Damp weather is annoying for humans, but good for fungi, like this Dryad’s Saddle, a common bracket fungus on dead and decaying wood. Photos: © Natural England/Paul Glendell

  • Bloody Crane’s-bill

    Bloody Crane’s-bill

    The meadows above Kynance Cove are a good place to see Bloody Crane’s-bill in the summer, following recent habitat restoration and scrub clearance. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Creeping Buttercup

    Creeping Buttercup

    Not much beats a meadow full of golden buttercups. Photo: Jörg Hempel, CC BY-SA 2.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons  

  • Ragged-robin


    Tousled pink flowers of Ragged-robin sway on their tall stems from late spring through to summer’s end. Photo: © Natural England/Chris Gomersall

  • Red Valerian

    Red Valerian

    The rich magenta and ruby hues of Red Valerian are a lovely sight in the summer, whispering of the Mediterranean. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Kidney Vetch

    Kidney Vetch

    The books say Kidney Vetch blooms from June, but this is The Lizard, so it flowers from May. Look out for it on cliff tops and sand dunes from late […]

  • Cuckooflower


    The flushed pink flowers of Cuckooflower can be spotted in damp meadows and on stream banks in the spring. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Barren Strawberry

    Barren Strawberry

    Similar at first glance to Wild Strawberry, the pretty Barren Strawberry can be found flowering earlier, from February through to May.  Photo: © Natural England/Peter Wakely

  • Common Dog-violet

    Common Dog-violet

    Not the prettiest name for a very pretty flower…Common Dog-violets start to bloom in early Spring, with a second flush in late Summer. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Rock Samphire

    Rock Samphire

    The yellow-green flowers of Rock Samphire brighten the coastline through the summer months. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Hairy Curtain Crust

    Hairy Curtain Crust

    A fungus of dead wood from broadleaf trees, Hairy Curtain Crust can be found throughout the year. This colony was spotted on a fallen oak at Penrose. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Black Nightshade

    Black Nightshade

    In late summer and into autumn, look out for the white flowers and bright yellow stamens of Black Nightshade on waste ground and nutrient-rich soils. Photo: Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, CC […]

  • Hart’s-tongue


    The woods behind Kennack Sands are a great spot for ferns, including the distinctive and evergreen Hart’s-tongue. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Betony


    Purple spikes of Betony put on a lovely display along coastal paths in the summer. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Common Butterwort

    Common Butterwort

    The delicate violet flowers of Common Butterwort can be spotted from May to July in boggier spots on The Lizard. Photo: Jerzy Strzelecki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons