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    Cookies policy Privacy Statement: how we use cookies and essential cookies Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit websites. This website in […]

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  • History in the landscape

    Wild it may be, but humans have played their part in creating the heathland landscapes of The Lizard. From prehistoric archaeology to the Second World War buildings of Goonhilly Downs […]

  • Lizard Point – Beach

    Polpeor Beach   On the western side of the most southerly point a slipway makes it way down to the old lifeboat station and then on to Polpeor Beach. The […]

  • Lizard Point – Heritage

    Lizard Point: lifeboats and lighthouses   Lizard Point, from the Cornish Lys Ardh meaning High Court, has a rich history including an abundance of maritime heritage. Famed as being the […]

  • Lizard Point – Wildlife

    Lizard Point: rich in wildlife The most southerly point is home to an abundance of wildflowers and birdlife, whilst offering a haven for the Atlantic grey seals which live amongst […]

  • Lizard Point – Geology

    Lizard Point: continental collisions Lizard Point is a great place to discover how continents are created and for investigating the geology of The Lizard of The Lizard. The Lizard The […]

  • Lizard Point – Landing Page

    Lizard Point is famed as being the most southerly point on the British mainland, but this is only one of the many reasons tens of thousands of visitors take in […]

  • Glossary of geological terms

    Dyke: A fault or crack in rocks that has later been intruded by other rock types during magmatic activity Gabbro: A coarse-grained, dark, intrusive, igneous rock Gneiss: A metamorphic rock, […]

  • Introduction to volunteering on the Lizard

    Pillwort There are lots of volunteering opportunities in conservation here on The Lizard. Click on the icons above to find out what’s on offer. Volunteering is a great way to […]

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    General enquiries: please email: . Your message will be redirected to relevant members of the partnership. Specific enquiries: please use the About us link on the top menu, where […]