Tag: Flora

  • Pale Butterwort

    Pale Butterwort

    A paler, smaller version of Common Butterwort, the Pale Butterwort is harder to find, but worth the search. Crousa Downs is a good place to look. Photo: Kate Dalziel

  • Red Campion

    Red Campion

    Red Campion is at its most vibrant from the spring into summer. Find it in woodland edges, hedgerows and roadside verges. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Common Scurvygrass

    Common Scurvygrass

    From May to August, Common Scurvygrass can be found along the clifftops of The Lizard. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Bog Asphodel

    Bog Asphodel

    This bright plant of boggy areas on the heathland puts on an amazing display in early summer. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Carline Thistle

    Carline Thistle

    Late-flowering Carline Thistles bring a touch of gold to the early autumn landscape at Kennack Sands. The dry flowerheads persist through the winter. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Snowdrops


    In February, the weather might still be cold and blustery, but snowdrops, the early heralds of spring, are already poking out their gleaming white heads. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Black Bryony

    Black Bryony

    Autumn is setting in, which means it’s almost berry season! You can look forward to Elder, Hawthorn, Holly, and the lovely but poisonous red berries of Black Bryony (pictured). Photo: […]

  • Lesser Centaury

    Lesser Centaury

    Look for for Lesser Centaury in summer and early autumn along coastal clifftops. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Autumn Lady’s-tresses

    Autumn Lady’s-tresses

    You may be lucky and find the last blooms of this lovely, and relatively rare, member of the orchid family into October.Photo: © Natural England/Peter Wakely 

  • Fragrant Orchid

    Fragrant Orchid

    Fragrant Orchids are close to the end of flowering by July, but they (and their lovely scent) still linger on in some spots on The Lizard. Photo: © Natural England/Peter […]

  • Bloody Crane’s-bill

    Bloody Crane’s-bill

    The meadows above Kynance Cove are a good place to see Bloody Crane’s-bill in the summer, following recent habitat restoration and scrub clearance. Photo: Steve Townsend

  • Creeping Buttercup

    Creeping Buttercup

    Not much beats a meadow full of golden buttercups. Photo: Jörg Hempel, CC BY-SA 2.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons  

  • Ragged-robin


    Tousled pink flowers of Ragged-robin sway on their tall stems from late spring through to summer’s end. Photo: © Natural England/Chris Gomersall

  • Red Valerian

    Red Valerian

    The rich magenta and ruby hues of Red Valerian are a lovely sight in the summer, whispering of the Mediterranean. Photo: Amanda Scott

  • Kidney Vetch

    Kidney Vetch

    The books say Kidney Vetch blooms from June, but this is The Lizard, so it flowers from May. Look out for it on cliff tops and sand dunes from late […]

  • Cuckooflower


    The flushed pink flowers of Cuckooflower can be spotted in damp meadows and on stream banks in the spring. Photo: Steve Townsend